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The Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform is consciously designed with speed, scalability, simplicity, and openness at its core and architected to handle analytical workloads via a distributed compressed columnar architecture.

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Vertica is built for the scale and complexity of today’s data-driven world

Analyze All ofYour Data

No longer move data or settle for siloed views. Access a single platform for data warehouse modernization and data lake exploration

Achieve Scale and Performance

Fear of growing data volumes and users is a thing of the past. Complex questions get responses quickly, while scaling data and users linearly.

Future-Proof Your Analytics

Data storage decisions made today won’t impact your ability to execute in the future. Evolve as requirements change or new technologies emerge.


Vertica Analytics Platform 10

Vertica 10 addresses growing data siloes, a mix of cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments, and the pressing need to operationalize machine learning at scale. 


Making Databases Work

This book celebrates Michael Stonebraker’s accomplishments that led to his 2014 ACM A.M. Turing Award “for fundamental contributions to the concepts and practices underlying modern database systems.”


Criteo Case Study

Criteo, a performance marketing technology company, created a CoE model with the intention to help identify and spread best practices around Big Data analytics and to drive business- and customer-valued results.


Unlock Machine Learning

Vertica is transforming the way organizations build, train and operationalize machine learning models. Are you ready to embrace the power of Big Data and accelerate business outcomes with no limits and no compromises?

EssentialNET have for many years been at the forefront of bringing the best of the worlds technology that has a real business benefit to its customers and prospective customers.  Vertica is not just the latest in this line of phenomenally successful technologies, bit we think it is one of the cleverest bits of technology we have ever seen and we believe that anyone who puts this into their environment in the right way and for the right reasons will 100% agree with us that this really is the best decision they ever made.

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